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The prevalence of Kik hacks and Snapchat hacks

In the past almost everyone used social media on their computer but in recent years the social media landscape has shifted mostly to mobile applications. Apps like Snapchat and Kik dominate the instant messaging scene, in the United States especially. Many people are looking for Kik hack or a Snapspy. In order to find out how prevalent Kik and Snapchat hacks are on the internet one only has to search for these hacks on Google and they will be presented with a wide array of available hack tools. The media has recently been all over Snapchat hacks, a prevalent example being something called the snappening in which millions of images and videos sent through Snapchat were leaking.

This media coverage of these hacks makes it seem like Snapchat is being hacked every other day. This is far from the case, Snapchat's security is very sophisticated which makes it almost impossible to hack into a Snapchat account, yet people still try. People are always curious what people use private apps such as Snapchat or Kik for.

There have been no media reports of a Kik hack at all. This is most likely due to the fact that once you login to a Kik account from a different device all the messages are gone anyway. It is therefore pointless for people to try to hack a Kik account. Yet, there are still countless of Kik Spy tools available on the internet which supposedly not only hack the password of a Kik account but retrieve all the messages, images and videos sent and received from that specific Kik account. The principles of these Kik hacks is very similar to the Snapchat Hacks we talked about before.

In conclusion we can state that social media hacks such as hacks for Kik and Snapchat are indeed very prevalent. One only has to do a quick search to find out that many of them are available for free on the internet.

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